Nature Series Weekend Classes

For student and people on a limited income, the cost of the Nature Series classes is $5 per class.  Please let us know when you register that you are requesting a limited income/student discount.

Other Adult Programs

To apply for scholarships to any other adult programs such as Naturalist Guild, Plant Circle, and weekend trips,  send us a letter of request.   Please include the following:

  • describe your interest in the program
  • tell us what portion of the program cost you are able to pay
  • let us know if you need assistance with transportation to and from the program
  • Are you interested in work study?*

Address the letters to:

Piedmont Wildlife Center
Scholarship Request
364 Leigh Farm Rd
Durham, NC 27707

*Work study options are also available.  Interns and regular volunteers can attend some programs for free.  Please contact us for more information about work study options.