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Did you know that Piedmont Wildlife Center is currently involved in a number of local wildlife and habitat conservation projects that have never been publicized?  We have just posted a new page describing each of these projects.  Several of them are being announced for the first time today!  Here are some highlights:

  • Eastern Box Turtles are on the decline!  Find out what Piedmont Wildlife Center is doing to help!
  • What species live in your neighborhood? How many can you name? We have been tracking the animals that live near the center.  Some of them might surprise you!  We have just shared some of our findings from the Biological Inventory Project that we are conducting on the land surrounding Leigh Farm Park.
  • We have started an Articles page where we will be sharing information about the species of our area.  This is the beginning of a long term resource for the community where you can go to learn about wildlife issues, nature conservation, animal behavior and more.
  • Nestboxes, compost bins, recycling and more! Learn how Piedmont Wildlife Center is adopting environmental practices in our office and beyond
  • Find out about our Conservation Garden Project and how we are restoring biodiversity to the landscape around us.

We hope that you will find these links a helpful way to learn about wildlife and stay current with our activity here at Piedmont Wildlife Center. From here on, our new Conservation page can be found in the topbar menu above.

Visit often to find new articles, wildlife information and updates on all of our ongoing projects!


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